“FASHION to me is a love story that I am lucky enough to be apart of and share with others. FASHION is a world of discovery, from the secret stories of trend spotting after dark in SAINT TROPEZ. Having a heart-to-heart with COURTNEY LOVE about fashion subcultures in Japan to the first blogger I ever met who showed me the power of social media.”  -Wendy K. Bendoni


WHAT A DAY! I'm in  LOVE with #GoogleTiltBrush for an amazing Virtual Reality Experience for creatives. Looking forward to my class in Fall
It's official... I'm heading to Switzerland to teach at the LUXURY ACADEMY, Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to my dear friend Fabio for thinking of me -can't wait to see Maria as well to reunite our Florence crew. #MadeItHappen MrLuxury @simplyfabiolous #luxuryedu
One of those days all I wish I had on my agenda was who to have a PLAYDATE with #KidProblems #Truth
Date night with the #THEWHO
The freedom to explore & discover is life's gift that keeps giving. Cheers to my new adventure this summer and new experiences that life brings me. #Freedom #MakingThingsHappen
#Truth -The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do. 📷 @stylesmith #NewOrleans #livelifetothefullest #BreakTheRules
FLAWSOME: Embracing your flaws.
Today's styling job had me become a hairstylist, makeup artist, fashion stylist, and a Uber driver. #MomsLife
Thank you Bri Seeley for such a kind feature and especially for all the work you do for
#TRUTH #MakeYourOwnUniqueWorld #NeverSettle
Working on SOURCING at MAGIC trends + will be introducing
Congrats Cindy Whitehead for being inducted into 2016 SKATEBOARDING HALL of FAME! Cheers to this amazing women who inspires so many women in sports.  She actively supports the next gen of skaters with her skateboard lifestyle brand @GirlisNota4Letterword as well as her TED talk about women in sports!  Still remember back in the day skateboarding at #PipelineSkatePark with my best friend April Hoffman.  This was our way of expressing ourselves but believe me only a handful of girls picked up a board back then, most were shopping in malls. Thanks Cindy for showing the next GEN of girls that skating isn't just for boys! #AsIf #WomenInSports #girlisnota4letterword #skateboardinghalloffame #skatergirl #pipelineskatepark